Virtual Connection Setup

Our virtual setup is a very stable and simple to use application called Zoom. If you are familiar with Skype, the hardware requirements are similar:

  1. A computer or laptop with a high speed connection (Ethernet recommended)
  2. A webcam (built in to most laptops)
  3. Speakers (built in to most laptops)
  4. A microphone (built in to most laptops)
  5. For optimal sound quality, we recommend a USB microphone headset


  1. Download Zoom by going to
  2. Install Zoom using the ZoomInstaller you just downloaded by clicking it and going through the installation process
  3.  Zoom will now be installed in your Applications folder and there should be a link on your desktop.
  4. When it is time for you to join a meeting, run Zoom and click the JOIN MEETING button. Insert the Meeting ID that was provided to you. If you do not have your meeting ID, contact your professor.
    • Though not usually necessary, if you wish test the Zoom application prior to the meeting follow the same instructions. When initiated, you will see your webcam image on your screen – this indicates that Zoom is properly working on your computer. The mic and video buttons to mute/unmute are located on the bottom left.

If you are having trouble downloading or installing Zoom, please contact Danny, our tech assistant, prior to the meeting at 902-585-1682 or 902-690-5054 (cell). To learn more about Zoom, please visit the Zoom Support pages.


**note: Though not ideal, in extenuating circumstances you can also connect to the Zoom meeting with Android and iOS devices by using the free Zoom app.