Interpreting the Old Testament (BIBL 5023 T1)  Dr. Glenn Wooden. 
This course will introduce the student to the different sections and genres of literature in the Old Testament, to interpretative methods appropriate to them, and to theological principles, and survey aspects of the historical and cultural context of the Old Testament.

Introduction to Christian History (CHUR 5013 T1)  Dr. Robert Wilson. 
Christians have developed many ways to live out their faith in the world. In this course the student will gain a critical appreciation of Christian tradition both in its relationship to the norm of Scriptures and in its changing diverse regional, cultural, and denominational expressions.

WINTER TERM (January – April 2017)

Interpreting the New Testament (BIBL 5033 T2)  Dr. Danny Zacharias. 
This course will introduce the student to the different sections and genres of literature in the New Testament, to interpretative methods appropriate to them, and to theological principles. The course will also survey the world of Jesus and the early Christian Church.

Transformational Discipleship Ministry (DISP 3013 / 5013 T2)  Dr. Carol Anne Janzen. 
This course seeks to equip students to become transformational leaders in the discipleship ministries of their churches. Recognizing the uniqueness of every ministry context, the course presents pedagogies, programs, and models that can lead to transformation in the life of individual believers of all ages as well as the corporate faith community.


ADC Go courses are delivered in a format to meet people where they are, without sacrificing the quality education that students have come to expect from Acadia Divinity College. Combining the flexibility of online learning with the educational experience of face-to-face interaction, ADC Go courses follow a weekly format within the semester. Individuals work through the assigned weekly material at their convenience, and then students meet together online for one hour a week with the professor. ADC Go courses are designed to make theological education accessible to a broader number of people, while still providing the opportunity for discussion and community.


FALL TERM (September – December 2016)

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As students meet weekly in their ADC Go class or connect into a residential course virtually, students must understand that ADC and its faculty are committed to face-to-face learning. ADC Go courses are designed to have the flexibility of online courses, while still maintaining regular face-to-face interaction. With this in mind, please observe the following:

  • Please connect to the class 5 minutes prior to the class commencing.
  • Your webcam should always be on unless your professor specifically asks you to turn it off.
  • Please conduct yourself accordingly. Eating, talking to someone off-screen, leaving your spot, etc., are all highly distracting to the class.
  • Please respect your professor and classmates by being present and engaged - refrain from doing other tasks on your computer.
  • For ADC Go students, the one-hour weekly meeting are about interaction and discussion on the week’s content. Please be prepared by having completed the week’s assigned readings and viewing, and come prepared to discuss.

If a professor thinks that an ADC Go or virtual seat student is not meeting the requirements or not consistently following the expectations, they may be asked to withdraw or may not be considered for future ADC Go classes.

 Technical Requirements

To ensure the best connection and interaction between students and the professor, students will have the following hardware requirements for the weekly online session:

  • A computer or laptop with a high speed connection (hardwired recommended)
  • A webcam (built in to most laptops)
  • USB microphone headset (this maximizes sound quality back and forth, and minimizes feedback and external noise)
  • Please connect from a relatively quiet room, away from distraction.

For detailed information on how to install the necessary software, or for trouble shooting help, please Click Here.