Since 1968 our legacy has been “Equipping Christian Leaders,” and ADC has trained and commissioned hundreds of graduates to serve in the local churches, chaplaincies, and mission fields. This fund is vitally important because it enables our Divinity College to serve our students, our churches, and the Kingdom on a day-to-day basis.

Your giving to ADC’s Annual Fund is the single most helpful thing a donor can do for our students and Divinity College. The cost to educate a student is far greater than the tuition ADC receives. In fact, income from student tuition covers only 28% of our $2.5 million budget.  Simply put, the Annual Fund fills the gap between tuition, provincial funding, and endowment income, and the actual cost of an ADC education.  

The Annual Fund is the most broad-based giving program at Acadia Divinity College, supporting students, faculty, and facilities.

Your contribution has an immediate and tangible effect on the quality of theological education ADC provides its students today and for generations to come in four specific areas:


  1. Students: Your help contributes to every aspect of a student’s educational experience – library, bursaries, scholarships, mentored ministry, missions, student life, information technology, supplies, research resources, weekly chapel services, annual lectureships which all create an environment intellectually stimulating and spiritually challenging.
  2. Functionality: Helps ensure the stewardship of our campus by meeting daily needs from academic programming to maintenance and repairs.
  3. Faculty Excellence: Our commitment is to meet and exceed the leadership needs of the church. We are intent on equipping leaders you can follow and this begins with the inspiration of our distinguished faculty.
  4. Is critical for Acadia Divinity College (ADC) to successfully carry out its mission to equip Christian leaders from around the world, regardless of their financial needs.


Please consider joining us in this mission by contributing to the Annual Fund in support of these future Christian leaders. Through your generosity, students will be able to enter ministry equipped to be pastors, teachers, chaplains, and counselors.

Your gift to Acadia Divinity College allows us to keep our tuition low, our standards high, and our impact great