The Bachelor of Theology (90 credit hours, three years if full-time) is designed to equip those who are called to leadership roles in the Christian community. In addition to giving an exciting introduction to the Biblical Studies, Christian Theology and History, this program also provides an introduction to current and proven ministry approaches that make a difference in the lives of people. Foundational courses in arts and science also provide an understanding of the historical and current context for the practice of ministry. Learning is flexible and many courses can be taken either on campus, online or in intensive units that make studying possible for students who are unable to attend locally or full time.

The BTh (Ordination Track) is specifically designed to meet the ordination requirements of some denominations and churches. Prospective students who have credits from uncompleted degree programs are encouraged to ask the ADC Registrar or BTh Director, Dr Chris Killacky, about the possibility of transferring courses into the BTh program.

The BTh (non Ordination Track) is a more flexible degree that is suited to those wishing to exercise ministry that is not traditionally understood to be in the context of 'formal ordination'. This is idea for those interested in missions work, bi-vocational or part-time ministry as well as those serving in leadership and other work supporting churches, groups, and Christian organizations in Canada or overseas.

The BTh (2nd Degree) is designed for students who have completed their first degree at Acadia University and are able to enroll in the '2nd Undergraduate Degree' program which requires, in addition to their first degree, a minimum of 30 additional credit hours of study in the BTh program to graduate. This is also ideal for those who have been taking some theology courses or the 'Minor' in Theology during their time at Acadia University.

Please contact the BTh Director, Dr Chris Killacky if you would like more information and advice.


Those applying to the Bachelor of Theology normally have a High School diploma.

Program Requirements

A grade of 2.0 is necessary for each course in order to apply that course toward the Bachelor of Theology degree. A CGPA of 2.0 is necessary to graduate.