Young Adult Discipleship and More!

I’ve worked with youth since I was a youth myself – I guess that means I’ve been in youth ministry for 25 years.  As you can imagine, many things have changed during that time, but some things have remained the same.  

Rev. Dale O. Stairs, Director of the Crandall-Acadia B.Th. Partnership

Rev. Dale O. Stairs, Director of the Crandall-Acadia B.Th. Partnership

One of these unchanged trends is that students really wrestle with the question, “What do I do after high school?”  Some Christian students struggle with the decision to attend Bible college or university to pursue their calling and career. They want to train for a job while training in discipleship. They want to gain skills in Christian service while gaining skills for life. 

I’m thrilled that all of these goals can be accomplished through the new Crandall-Acadia Bachelor of Theology Partnership. 

In the fall of 2014, students will be able to register for a degree at Crandall University (B.A., B.B.A., or B.Sc.) and simultaneously complete a B.Th. from Acadia University, through Acadia Divinity College (ADC).  With the help of generous scholarships, they can do this for the price of one university degree! 

Students in the program will take biblical studies, practical courses (working with youth, children, leading worship, etc.), theology, and ethics as well as the necessary courses for their Crandall program.  In addition, they will participate in an international mission experience, attend a spiritual formation retreat, and take part in church and community service throughout their time in the program.

Although this program is not intended to prepare students for vocational ministry, they will have the unique opportunity of learning from the ministry-training veterans of ADC, as well as the Crandall faculty.  Students will be part of the dynamic Christian community of young adults at Crandall and share in life at Acadia during spring sessions.

As Director of the program, I look forward to working with students during this critical period of their lives.  I can’t wait to be with them as they struggle with God’s leading and call; as they discover what it looks like to truly be a disciple of Jesus Christ in today’s world.  

Bring on the students!!