Alumni Spotlight: Dan Ingram

Tell us briefly about your family, when you graduated from ADC, and where you are located now.

I am married to Danielle (met at Acadia), and we have two kids Ellianna 4 and Nathaniel 2. I graduated in 2004 with a MDIV (youth ministry). We live in Halifax (since 2011 after living in the Annapolis Valley).


Tell us about your current ministry and responsibilities.


I serve with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship as Nova Scotia Campus Ministry Director. Our NS vision is to launch 1,000 extraordinary kingdom leaders by 2020. In my role, I oversee a team of six campus ministers in Halifax and the Annapolis Valley at Dalhousie, SMU, King's College, Mount St. Vincent and Acadia. I lead the team, provide training and discipleship for the staff so they can be most effective in serving on their campuses, and raising up extraordinary kingdom leaders who lead and disciple other students.


What challenges and opportunities are you facing in ministry right now?

We have found a tremendous opportunity in the openness to students who are not-yet-Christians to studying Scripture. We find that most students who are invited to study Scripture with their friends will come and meet Jesus in the Scripture studies. The challenge is in holding big public events on campus.


As you think back to your ministry training at ADC, what skills and knowledge have you been appreciative of?

I really appreciated the youth ministry courses (youth culture, leadership, and missions). These have all proven to be directly related to our ministry. Where we have a major focus on leading good Bible studies on campus my courses in Old Testament, New Testament, and hermeneutics and even Greek have helped. The most transformative course was "Practice of Ministry" where I was personally confronted and challenged to re-think my approach to decision making and God's will by the professor through study.


A number of current and prospective ADC students will be reading this. What advice would you give them?

1. Be fully present in class (maybe that means leaving your laptop at home). 2. Take the initiative for your own growth in Bible study and prayer each day (don't assume that ADC will do that for you). 3. Make the most of the students, staff and faculty there for your questions and personal discipleship (it's a great time).


Lastly, is there anything you would like to share that the ADC community could pray for?

I've been with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship now for 12 years, and fundraising is still something that is a challenge for me. We are required to raise funds through churches and individuals to cover 100% of our work. Please pray for me and my team as we attempt to raise another $100,000 this year. Pray also for us as we face setbacks and opposition on campuses. Most campuses are not friendly places for us to be.