Kevin Vincent - this year's Distinguished Alumni


Rev. Kevin Vincent was the recipient of the ADC Alumni of the year award at our summer banquet this past year in the beautiful Irving Center at Acadia University during Oasis. 

It was my privilege to work alongside Kevin during his student days at ADC, and then as part of the pastoral team of First Baptist Church, Dartmouth, for nine exciting years. Feeling a call to “plant a church” he accepted an invitation to serve in his home community of Apohaqui, near Sussex. The elderly congregation of the “original six” accepted his innovative leadership and over 14 years the congregation of 750 people, with a Sunday attendance of 550-600, worship in two locations, Apohaqui and nearby Hampton. 

Kevin graduated from Sussex Regional in 1983, Crandall in 1987 (Valedictorian and Male Student of the Year) and ADC in 1990. A highlight of his ADC days was marrying Sandra and upon settling in Dartmouth they began a family – Emily (didn’t we love the Emily stories!) and later two sons, Jeremy and Joshua. 

During our years together at Dartmouth, I remember Kevin - as an avid reader, a curious mind, always seeking to learn – and at the same time having lots of fun in ministry. One summer he convinced an American youth group bus driver to put his bus in the Dartmouth Days Parade – and as the bus made its way through the crowd Kevin was standing in the opening in the roof waving to the city visitors – the kids (and adults) loved it!


Dr. David Watt

Director of Development