Student Spotlight: Kayley Sanders

1. Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is Kayley Sanders and I am from Langdon, Alberta. I am at ADC getting my Master of Divinity in youth ministry.

2. How did you come to study at ADC?

I was just about to graduate from Laurentian University with a degree in communications/broadcast journalism, and I had no job prospects. I was struggling with the idea of becoming a youth pastor for a while, and I thought it was time to be obedient to God and my calling. My great grandparents house actually used to sit right across from Wolfville Baptist Church, and my grandma attended Horton Academy when it was in Seminary House. I knew ADC was a perfect fit, and it was where He was calling me to do my MDiv.


3. As you look back at your first year of your M. Div., what has been some of the highlights and some of the challenges?

Some of  my highlights were 1) passing Greek, 2) the community that ADC provides, and 3) making new friendships with the faculty and my classmates. The amount of learning and information was definitely a challenge as there were many times when I felt like I could have discussed matters a lot longer than we had time for.


4. Tell us about the ministry you are involved in this summer.

The ministry that I have been involved with over the summer has been an opportunity of a lifetime. I am working as a chaplain intern at The Mustard Seed downtown location in Calgary. The Mustard Seed is a non-profit Christian organization that works with individuals who are homeless or are living in poverty. There are two locations: downtown provides resources, such as employment coaches and advocates, and the shelter location is a 20 minute bus ride is a clean shelter. No guest who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed in. I work directly with the chaplain providing spiritual care to guests, host Bible studies, lead Sunday services directly from the shelter, go on hospital visits, and leading memorial services for guests who have passed away. There have been more highlights than I can write. I have met so many amazing guests who use the shelter system and most of the time they just want to know someone is on their side. The guests that I have met have so many gifts and talents. This one gentleman who lives in their permanent housing is a brilliant artist. There are musicians, poets, and singers. Just because someone is homeless doesn't mean the light and gifts that God has given them is extinguished or destroyed. I would say the things that have stretched me is preaching where people don't necessarily want to hear God's word and really meeting a person where they are at.


5. The city is definitely in the midst of a difficult time with the flooding. Have you and your family been affected by this?

I have never seen the city look like a ghost town. My family and I live far enough into the prairie that we were actually not affected, but I have a few friends who were evacuated. The entire city is rallying to get everything cleaned up and to get everyone back in their homes.


6. As you look to the recovery efforts, in what ways is the Christian community responding? And how can we be in prayer for the situation?

The Christian community has really come together. In the little community I live in, there are people dropping off donations by the truck full and setting up portable kitchens in affected areas to provide meals. A church has stepped up and have housed The guest from The Mustard Seed downtown and The Samaritans Purse has also rallied volunteers from churches to volunteer. As for prayer. Please pray for the community of Calgary and High River. Pray for thousands of volunteers who are working around the clock to get everything cleaned up and semi back to normal. It is going to be a process, and it will take time, but God is gracious!