ADC and the Most Recent Archaeological Finding

The results of the June 2013 excavation in Jerusalem made a splash in the news in the past few days (see the NBC news story). What you may not know is that members of the ADC community have had a part to play in this most recent finding.

Professor Craig Evans and two of his students, Greg Monette (M.Div and MA, ADC, now Ph.D student at Bristol) and Cale Clarke (current MA student at ADC), participated in the new archaeological excavation at Mount Zion in Jerusalem. The dig began in mid-June and ended in early July. The Mount Zion area was where a number of wealthy Jewish people, including ruling priests, lived in the time of Jesus. The excavation was directed by veteran archaeologist Shimon Gibson, who serves on the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Evans, Monette, and Clarke uncovered hundreds of pieces of pottery, glass, and animal bones, as well as two coins.

Evans stated: "During the fourth and final week of the dig, a room with a tiled floor and plastered bathtub was uncovered. We were all excited because this indicates that we had discovered the lower part of the home of a very wealthy family. It isn't surprising that this significant discovery has made headline news. We have more work to do before we can speak with certainty, but we may have found what we all along hoped to find -- the home of a high priest. We look forward to returning to the excavation next June."

Below is a picture of the bathtub uncovered.