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Home Away from Home

Keith Blair (M.Div.) on a study tour in Israel 2014

Keith Blair (M.Div.) on a study tour in Israel 2014

Sixteen months ago, I made the bold decision to uproot myself from my home of 25 years in Toronto to follow God’s leading in my life. He led me out here, to Atlantic Canada, so that I can become equipped to serve His kingdom through Acadia Divinity College’s Master of Divinity program. The challenge of adapting to a radically different culture has been an intense one, filled with many ups and downs along the ride. Through the Lord’s provision of incredible friendships, phenomenal support, and a Faculty that sees you as family and wants you to succeed, I have come to see Atlantic Canada very much as a second home.

While I served as a youth leader at a Toronto church, a number of people--parents, fellow youth leaders, and even the youth themselves-- encouraged me to consider a career in youth ministry. I was barely halfway through my undergrad at York University, however, and thus very unwilling to entertain what I thought was an absurd idea at the time. But the more I immersed myself in this youth ministry, the more I began to realize that I cared a lot for these young people in our program. I cared for their well-being, for their struggles and pains as they entered into the world of adolescence. I cared for their relationships with their peers and with their families, but mostly with the God who loves them enough to breathe life into them, to bring them into existence. It was then that I recognized my call to youth and family ministry.

ADC’s greatest gift to me has been a family of people who have prayed for me and upheld me in my calling

After I graduated from York U, it was incredible to see how everything fell into place. I interned with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ) for nearly a year. This was an opportunity that allowed me to gain a foothold into the realm of youth ministry, and gave me a chance to connect with several ADC professors. Not knowing how things were going to work out, both financially and logistically, but with the full confidence in knowing this was part of God’s will for me, I applied, got accepted, and moved…all within five months.

Having lived in a major multicultural city all my life, one of the biggest challenges I faced was adjusting to my home away from home. In all honesty, I'm still adjusting, but it was important to recognize the level of support I had from ADC’s amazingly tight-knit community. Recognizing this, as well as having the opportunity to see nearly everything that Atlantic Canada had to offer this summer, has helped me with the ongoing transition, and allowed me to see Atlantic Canada as my second home as I pursue God’s formidable purpose for my life.

ADC’s greatest gift to me has been a family of people who have prayed for me and upheld me in my calling. I am honoured to be where I am, and honoured to serve such a loving and gracious community. Please pray for all of our students as we enter our winter semester, and ready ourselves for the learning and equipping to which God has called us!