Respect for the Scriptures: At Acadia we have a high view of the scriptures and view them as foundational to all we do in life and ministry. Therefore, we require all D.Min. students to take two courses in Biblical Studies and two courses in Theology during their program. We believe that study of the scriptures at a very high level is an essential foundation for doctoral studies in the practice of ministry.

Respect for the Local Church in all its Expressions: At Acadia we know that local churches come in all shapes and sizes, are located in a variety of settings, and experience different struggles and successes. We love them all as localized expressions of the Body of Christ, no matter what their denominational affiliation or ministry style. Our desire is to help you and your church, no matter what congregation you are a part of, grow and become all that God wants you to be.

Respect for all Avenues of Ministry: At Acadia we understand that God has called some to ministry roles that are primarily located outside the context of a local church. Whether you are engaged in denominational service, higher education, chaplaincy, international ministry, campus ministry, para-church ministry, marketplace ministry, or another form of service within the wider church, you can find support for academic study that enriches you and your ministry here.

Respect for Academic Rigour: The Acadia D.Min. is not a series of continuing education experiences that, when completed, result in the awarding of a doctorate. If you study at Acadia you will be pursuing a doctoral study at a divinity college within one of Canada’s most respected universities. You can be confident that we will stretch you academically and challenge your mind, helping you to think carefully about how to advance the ministry you have been called to. When you graduate you can be proud of the degree and title you have earned.

Respect for Creativity and Innovation: At Acadia we understand that ministry in the 21st century will not look like ministry in the 21st century. If you desire to study in an environment that will support you as you think deeply about new and fresh approaches to ministry, you will feel at home at Acadia.

Respect for Your Unique Identity and Calling: We understand and celebrate that God has given you a unique set of gifts, abilities, and experiences to be used for advancing His Kingdom. We want to help you fulfill your calling by becoming a better you, and not someone you were not created to be.

Respect for Collegiality: At Acadia, the faculty and staff view doctoral students as ministry peers. We view ourselves as your colleagues in ministry whose role is to support you in your desire to engage in study and research to help strengthen the ministry of the church.

Respect for the Demands of Life and Ministry: At Acadia we understand that family responsibilities and ministry duties are more important than doctoral studies and sometimes swallow up more time than anticipated. While we want to encourage you to finish your studies as quickly as possible, we understand that you may need a little flexibility. Be sure to talk to the Director when significant life or ministry changes mean you need a little flexibility and grace.

Respect for Your Time: At Acadia we believe in serving you with excellence. We promise to do our best to respond to your phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner and thus provide you with the support you need to excel in your studies.