Never thought you could afford a top-quality D.Min. on your ministry salary – now you can!

Due to the generosity of individuals, churches, and others, the total program fee for an Acadia D.Min. for 2016-2017 is only $14,328, payable in eight equal installments (September and January) during the first four years of your program.

Please note that tuition will increase each year.

At the time of admission, you can apply for an Acadia Doctoral Scholarship. This scholarship is worth a total of up to $3,000 (up to $750 per year for each of four years).

Applicants from outside North America can also apply to receive an additional $1,000 International Student Scholarship.

In addition, you can use your continuing education allowance from your church or ministry to further reduce your personal cost.

Sample budget with sample figures from 2016:
$14,328 D.Min. program fee *
- $3,000 scholarship **
- $6,000 continuing education allowance from church or ministry (4 years @ $1,500)
= $5,328 personal cost (or $111 per month over the duration of the program)

*Fees are subject to change each year.
**Please note: students must maintain a regular course load, as well as a "B" average, to continuing receiving their scholarship.

Canadian students whose ministries are unable to help them with a continuing education allowance should note that you can claim both the tuition amount and the educational amount on your income tax.

If you wish to extend your studies for an additional year or more, an annual continuance fee (according to the Acadia Divinity College Calendar) is required to be paid. As of 2016, this amount is $772.50 and is subject to change. 

When considering the cost of completing a Doctor of Ministry degree, students should consider the following categories of expenses:

Travel trips to Acadia
(number of trips and cost varies between students; up to 8 trips including defense of thesis and graduation)
Accommodations (some students share accommodations or are billeted to decrease costs)
Special outings or entertainment
 (some students enrich their experiences by traveling to special spots in Atlantic Canada or enjoying local entertainment or activities during visits)
Printing (students are responsible for the cost of printing their thesis)
Application to graduate fee
Cost of Regalia
 - students are responsible to rent or buy their regalia for the graduation ceremony. (Information is sent to to students during their defence year how to purchase or rent and the associated cost).