Doctor of ministry Courses 2018

All students enrolled in the DMin are eligible to register for courses within their program requirements.

Graduates of the Acadia DMin program, those who hold doctorates in a related discipline from other recognized schools, and current DMin students are welcome to audit DMin classroom-based courses, space permitting.

Spring 2018

Wolfville Campus

DMIN 8333 X5 Theology Elective TBA
Dr. Steve Holmes
June 25-29, 2018

Fall 2018

Wolfville Campus

DMIN 8111 X1 - "Orientation"
Dr. John McNally and Dr. Jody Linkletter
October 11-12, 2018

This course is an orientation to Acadia Divinity College, Acadia University, and the Doctor of Ministry program. It is designed so that students will become familiar with the facility and resources of Acadia, as well as the expectations of the DMin program for successfully completing the program in a timely manner. It is also designed for students to reconsider the process of:  carrying out quality research, writing quality academic papers and thinking theologically. During this course students will be introduced to ADC faculty, staff and fellow students. 

DMIN 8453 X1 - "Pilgrims Together: Building an Intergenerational Faith Community"
Dr. Holly Allen
October 15-19, 2018

Churches that want to become more intentionally intergenerational typically raise two questions. The first question is, “How can we bring the generations back together?” The second question—even more important—is, “Why?” Or, in other words, what is the evidence that intergenerational approaches are beneficial? The “why” question is the driving focus of this course.

Students will investigate biblical and theological foundations and explore empirical, sociological, and theoretical support for cross-age Christian practices. In addition, the class will address the "how" question, discussing (and experiencing) several successful emerging intergenerational practices. 

DMIN 8112 X1 - "Research Methodology"
Dr. John McNally and Dr. Jody Linkletter
October 22-25, 2018

This course is designed to prepare Acadia Doctor of Ministry students to research, write, and defend a thesis-project. As a result of completing this course, students should be able to: understand the nature and goals of an Acadia D.Min. Thesis-project, focus the research question, understand the expectations related to contents of the various thesis chapters, and choose an approach to original research so that the research methodology supports their research topic. They should also be able to design and write a Thesis-Project proposal and begin to organize their time and work for successful completion and timely graduation.

DMIN 8413 X1 "Spiritual Formation for Ministry Leaders"
Dr. John McNally
October 29-November 2, 2018

The underlying goal of the course is to enrich the ministry of Christian leaders through a deeper awareness of the importance of spiritual life, both personal and communal, as well as some its biblical and theological foundations. Students will practice spiritual disciplines as a means to enhance their own spiritual growth and to integrate spirituality into all aspects of life for themselves and others. They will learn to identify factors which contribute to the spiritual depth and character of Christian leaders and others on the spiritual path. As students journey together, share their spiritual narratives and a day-long retreat, they will experience glimpses of spirituality in community.