DMIN 8111 Orientation: A two-day introduction to the Doctor of Ministry Program. Offered each fall and required of all entering students.

DMIN 8123 Ministry Mentoring and Reflection: A nine-month mentoring experience completed at home, normally taken in year one, following Orientation. For more information contact the Associate Director.

DMIN 8112 Research Methodology: A four-day course offered each fall, normally taken in year three. This course is designed to help students prepare a Thesis Proposal and understand how to prepare their thesis.

DMIN 8133 Comprehensive Evaluation: A two-hour reflection experience conducted on the basis of two reflection papers and a draft chapter of your thesis. This course is normally taken in spring of year three, after all other courses are completed. To schedule an evaluation, contact the Associate Director.

DMIN 8616, 8626 Thesis-Project: The thesis proposal is prepared as part of the Research Methodology course (normally taken in the fall of year three). Writing begins after the Acadia faculty approves the proposal and appoints a thesis supervisor. For more information, contact the Associate Director.