Experience The Acadia Divinity College Doctor of Ministry Degree.

The D.Min. is an invitation not only to be refreshed,  but also to deepen and strengthen your ministry. Hebrews 10:22-25 instructs us, “let us draw near to God… spur one another on toward love and good deeds… encouraging one another...” Share the journey of study to deepen maturity in ministry. Wherever God has called you to serve, Acadia Divinity College can strengthen you by developing your knowledge, nurturing your faith and cultivating your skills. Below is a brief summary of some ways that our DMin. can help this happen. 

Ten Traits of an Acadia Doctor of Ministry

 1.     International: We are an evangelical Baptist seminary drawing quality instructors and students from across Canada, around the world, and from many denominations. 

2.     Biblical: Two courses strengthen foundations in Scripture.

3.     Theological: Two courses strengthen foundations in a Christian worldview.

4.     Practical: Four fall electives strengthen skills in best practices for various ministry areas.

5.     Contextual: A research methods course strengthens questions, focused in your situation.

6.     Substantial: Academic resources at Acadia, a leading Canadian University, strengthen your thesis.

7.     Personal: Up to two electives may be directed studies to deepen insights on tailored topics.

8.     Missional: Regular electives deepen living out God’s kingdom and Gospel today.

9.     Renewal: The beauty of the Annapolis Valley and a spirituality elective deepen discipleship. 

10.  Collegial: Peer learning and a mentor will deepen you with challenge and encouragement.

Student Testimonial


If you would like to learn more about the Acadia DMin. we would be pleased to meet with you in person, or virtually via the internet. To arrange a campus visit, video conference, (such as Skype) or a phone conversation, please contact a member of the DMin Program team:

Dr. Jody Linkletter
Associate Director of Doctoral Studies
Lecturer in Youth and Family Ministries

Dr. John McNally
Program Director, Doctor of Ministry
Lecturer in Practical Theology