Simpson Lectures 2015

  • Acadia Divinity College Wolfville, NS Canada

“Forum on Church Renewal in Atlantic Canada”

Amid the challenges that churches face as our society changes, God is doing great things in congregations in Atlantic Canada.  There is new spiritual vitality, new opportunity for outreach, and a renewed understanding of the church’s mission.  Churches and their leaders are learning what it means to make disciples in the 21st century in Atlantic Canada.

The 2015 Simpson Lectures provided a practical forum on renewal in the local church.  The program involved three important elements:

  • Four plenary sessions (Monday to Thursday) contained practical guidance for pastors and church leaders who want to lead spiritual and missional renewal. 
  • Afternoon panels were led by key pastors who are providing spiritually vital leadership in their own particular ministry contexts.   
  • Evening sessions where six pastors of missional churches provided guidance and inspiration for leading churches in these times of change.

Renewal IS possible, and it is happening here.  

Speaker Notes


Below are some links to downloadable videos and graphics that were used during the 2015 Simpson Lectures on Church Renewal.  Feel free to use these resources in your church or on social media to continue the conversation. If you have any problems with these downloads, or have different technical requirements, please let us know by emailing or calling 902-585-2217.




MONDAY Evening Session:  "It CAN Happen Here: Creating a culture for God to move"
Download: Rev. Rob Nylen and Rev. Kevin Vincent's Slides

TUESDAY Evening Session: "Intentionality in Understanding Communities and Congregations"
Download: Rev. LeQuita Porter's Slides or Rev. Perry Hanley's Slides

WEDNESDAY Evening Session: "A Transfer of Ownership: A Redemptive Missional Story of a Local Church"
Download: Rev. Carolyn Steeves and Rev. David Morehouse's Slides




Thank you for being part of the Simpson Lectures 2015.  We hope that your experience during our time together focused on Church Renewal has been fruitful and rewarding. In order to continue to serve you better we need your feedback.  Please take a few moments to fill out our short survey by clicking the button below.


The 2015 Simpson Lectures were offered in partnership with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches. 

The Simpson Lectures are an annual lecture series in Preaching and Practical Theology providing continuing education for students. Established in 1979 by Gerald K. Simpson of Deer Island, New Brunswick, this lectureship has welcomed many distinguished preachers including Haddon W. Robinson, Alan Sell and Gardner Taylor.
We are grateful for Gerald Simpson’s generosity, by which this lectureship is now offered free of charge.


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We also offer courses on church renewal as part of our degree programs or for anyone to audit.  Your donations help us to be able to provide these training opprotunities to the churches and leaders who need it most.