Financial assistance forms become available in April. These forms will be mailed to incoming students in an orientation package sent out in the spring or summer. Students offered admission should read carefully all materials and return the financial form if they wish to apply for assistance.

All students (incoming and returning) who wish to apply for financial aid should make their request by August 16.

Returning students who do not submit a financial assistance application by August 16 will be deemed to have no financial need. Late applicants will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Available monies will be assigned and students notified of financial assistance beginning in early August.

Priority in determining financial assistance is:

1. Master of Divinity (including the Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies)

2. Bachelor of Theology (including the Certificate in Christian Studies)

3. Master of Arts

4. Certificate of Ministerial Studies


Financial assistance may be forfeited due to poor academic performance or if courses are dropped, thus changing a student’s status to part-time. The student’s account will be adjusted accordingly.

Emergency financial assistance may be requested at any time. Such assistance is subject to funds available.