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Jody Linkletter

Jody Linkletter

Matthew Walsh

Matthew Walsh

Renée Embree

Renée Embree

Dale O. Stairs 

Dale O. Stairs 


Ray Aldred, ThD, cand.

Director, Indigenous Programs, Vancouver School of Theology.
Associate Professor, Theology, NAIITS.

Glen Berry, PhD, RPsych

Psychologist, Annapolis Valley Health.

Jeff Carter, PhD

Global Field Staff, Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM).
Youth ministry Training Coordinator and Advisor, European Baptist Federation (EBF).
Faculty Lecturer, International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS).

F. Christopher Coffin, DMin

Teaching Supervisor, Springhill Institution.
Roman Catholic Formation Director, Atlantic School of Theology.

Karen Klassen, MDiv

Founder, Abraham2Acts.

Terry L. LeBlanc, PhD, DD

Founding Chair and Current Director, North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS).
Adjunct professor in Theology & Mission, George Fox Evangelical Seminary.
Indigenous Studies Program Director, Tyndale University College and Seminary.
Executive Director, Indigenous Pathways.

John McNeill, PhD

Associate Academic Dean, Student Coordinator, NAIITS.
Associate Professor of Anthropology, NAIITS.

Leslie McCurdy, PhD


Ken Neilson, DMin

Certified Canadian Counsellor, Ordained Deacon.

Jacqueline Ottmann, PhD

Assistant Professor and Director of Indigenous Education Initiatives, University of Calgary.

Wendy L. Peterson, PhD, cand.

Instructor of New Religious Movements, Providence University College and Seminary.
Editor of NAIITS journal.

Julene Pommert, PhD

Counselor, Northwest Family Life.

Andy M. Reimer, PhD

Consultant, Culture Codes Consulting, Calgary.
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, NAIITS.

Michael Rynkiewich, PhD

Professor of Anthropology (retired), Asbury Theological Seminary.

Ronald J. Sider, PhD

Distinguished Senior Professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry and Public Policy, Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University.
Founder and President Emeritus, Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA).

Justine Smith, PhD

Pastor, Norman First American United Methodist Church in Oklahoma.
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, NAIITS.

Terry Smith, DMin

Executive Director, Canadian Baptist Ministries.

Andrew Stirling, DMin, DD

Senior Minister, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, Toronto.

Beth Wood, MSW, MMin

Associate Academic Dean, Student Coordinator, NAIITS.
Teaching Assistant, Community Development, NAIITS.

Randy Woodley, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Faith and Culture and Director of Intercultural and Indigenous Studies, George Fox Evangelical Seminary.