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A University Degree:

As a college affiliated with one of Canada’s most acclaimed universities, you can earn a degree others will respect. Your Acadia degree will open doors for further study as well as open doors for ministry.

Generous scholarships:

We understand the pressures when it comes to finances. We do all that we can to keep your tuition low by providing bursary and scholarship support to help you achieve your degree. We also have on campus jobs available for students.

A Warm Evangelical Spirit:

ADC is a seminary of evangelical conviction. In our teaching, our community worship, and our lives we emphasize the trustworthiness of scripture and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Academic Rigour & Practical Courses:

We will work hard to challenge you academically, but our concern for intellectual rigour is matched by our eagerness to ensure that what you learn is intensely practical and useful in your life and ministry.

People Shaping People:

We believe in the value of live classroom learning with professors who know you well. While we do offer some online education, over 90% of our courses are intentionally designed to be live and in person. Both ministry and teaching are among the most social vocations and practitioners succeed based on their ability to relate well to others.

Easily Accessible:

We are committed to help you complete your degree whether you are able to move to our main campus or not. We offer courses at a variety of teaching sites throughout Eastern Canada. Consult our course listings for details.

An Amazing Faculty:

Our professors come from many countries and have rich and varied ministry backgrounds. They are published authors who are respected leaders in their fields and are actively engaged in ministry in local, regional, national, and international ministries.

Spiritual Formation Emphasis:

At Acadia we not only want you to learn, we also want you to grow in your faith. Through core courses in spiritual formation, chapel, and mentoring by our professors, we want to help you develop a richer relationship with God.

 Student Body:

Students from a host of denominational families in several countries choose Acadia and feel very much at home. At Acadia you will build friendships with fellow students from a variety of backgrounds.

Small Class Size:

Classes at Acadia are kept small to ensure that you receive the individual attention you need from your instructor. You won’t get lost in the crowd or feel like you are part of an assembly line.

Ministry Experience:

Our Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology have a Mentored Ministry component built in to ensure that when you graduate you are ready for ministry.

Community Life:

Besides enjoying one another’s company as a Seminary community, students benefit from being part of the wider university community. You can compete in varsity athletics, attend concerts and theatre, go to sporting events, participate in university choirs and orchestras, and enjoy a rich cultural scene.

Significant Library:

The Vaughan Library at Acadia, with its 1 million+ volumes, can support whatever research you want to undertake. If there is something you need that is not in our collection, we can help you acquire it through partnerships with other major libraries across Canada and beyond.

Beautiful Nova Scotia:

The Annapolis Valley is one of God’s great gifts! The natural beauty of the Valley and its refreshing pace of life provides a wonderful opportunity for you to be renewed physically and spiritually.

Excellent Customer Service:

We pride ourselves on quickly returning your phone calls and e-mails. We want to work with you to make the completion of your program a success.