Preach IT

Have you ever felt the urge to give your pastor a few tips to make their sermon better?

Has years of preaching taught you a thing or two?

Ever wish you could give some suggestions to students training to preach to help them out?

Well, now's your chance!
From the serious to the silly, we want to hear your suggestions to take those Sunday sermons from snooze-worthy to sublime. (Like maybe dropping the alliteration.)

To enter, simply fill out your name, email address, and your idea to help others 'Preach It'! Enter as many times as you like.

One entry will be chosen at random to win an Amazon Gift card valued at $100.

We're going to compile a selection of entries into a video to share at the SImpson Lectures 2017.



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Preaching News and Events

Professor Of Preaching and Worship

Acadia Divinity College is currently searching for a new Professor of Preaching and Worship to occupy the John Gladstone Chair of Preaching and Worship. For more information on the search, please visit

Simpson Lectures 2017


Dr. Rod Casey of Bethel Seminary will be the guest lecturer for the 2017 Simpson lectures.  His three evening sessions are entitled "Learner-Sensitive Preaching: Enhancing the clarity and relevance of sermons for an emerging generation". Come to campus for three days for the lectures and other daily worships, worship and fellowship. A live stream of the evening lectures are also available. To learn more, or to register for free go to

Upcoming Preaching Course         


DMIN 8493 X5 / PAST 7213 X5 - "Preaching Master Class"
Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling
May 29-June 2, 2017

How can we become more effective and confident preachers of the Word? This practical 'Master Class' course will offer an intensive and interactive way to develop our preaching skills. Students will learn through preaching before their peers and listening to sermons presented in class. Among other things we will look at the importance of oratory, sermon structure, spiritual passion, biblical interpretation and social relevance. Participants will also become familiar with current homiletical research and theory. Students are eligible for this advanced course who have significant experience in preaching and who have at least an introductory course in preaching.