An Acadia D.Min. course sequence is designed to provide an opportunity for you to:

  • Deepen your understanding of biblical studies and theology in order to provide a strong foundation for doctoral studies
  • Strengthen your ministry skills through elective courses
  • Provide an opportunity for you to reflect with a mentor on how you do ministry
  • Conduct cutting-edge research that can help you and others become more effective in ministry through the writing of a top-quality thesis

Program Requirements:

  • A Program Orientation (2 days class time)
  • A Research Methodology course (4 days class time)
  • Two courses in Biblical Studies (1 week class time each)
  • Two courses in Theology (1 week class time each)
  • Four elective courses (1 week class time for each course, independent study, directed studies, or transfer courses)
  • A Ministry Mentoring and Reflection course (no class time required)
  • A Comprehensive Evaluation course (no class time required)
  • A thesis (no class time required)

Course Rotation and Progress Information:

  • Normally, you will travel to campus twice (fall and spring) in years one and two, and once (fall) in year three.
  • In year four you return once to campus for your thesis defense.
  • Normally, the two-day Orientation is taken in the fall immediately following or prior to an elective course.
  • Normally, one-week elective courses in ministry are offered each fall
  • Normally, the four–day Research Methodology course is offered each fall.