Spiritual Formation

At Acadia Divinity College we are interested in encouraging your spiritual growth as well as your academic development.  In addition to core courses in most of the academic programs, there are many other opportunities for spiritual growth.  Each week on Wednesday the faculty, staff, and students of the ADC gather for worship in the College chapel and this service is followed by a catered community lunch and fellowship time. We also hold an annual retreat at the beginning of every academic year, and Spiritual Formation students take part in a one-day retreat together. In addition, there are small group opportunities and informal visits with professors and staff for spiritual guidance and prayer.

Housing and Meals

Some students choose to live in residences on campus and eat their meals in nearby Wheelock Dining Hall, but the majority live off campus and make their own meals. Click here for a listing of off-campus options or contact a local real estate office for more information. Our weekly classes are designed in morning or afternoon blocks to allow for flexibility around people's work, ministry and family commitments, and there are no weekly classes on Mondays and Fridays. This gives students the opportunity to commute, or to stay locally for limited periods while taking intensive one-week courses.


Our building on the Wolfville campus is equipped with an elevator, ramps (external and internal), and external automatic door openers.

Acadia Disablity Access

Acadia is committed to creating and maintaining a learning environment open to all. We work to help students with disabilities to reach their academic potential and integrate into the greater university community. Students with disabilities meet the same admission standards as all other students.

Students with physical or learning disabilities are encouraged to identify any requirements to prior to beginning their first term. Future students often visit the campus prior to their arrival; please arrange a meeting with Disablity Access while you are here to discuss your needs and the services available.

We Share the Air

In consideration of the difficulties that exposure to scented products causes individuals with sensitivities and allergies, we encourage all employees, students, and visitors to refrain from wearing scented personal care products such as:

  • perfume;
  • aftershave;
  • lotions;
  • hairspray; and
  • deodorant.

Share the Air Policy of Acadia University (pdf)