The Teaching Assistant program at Acadia Divinity College is designed to provide an opportunity for full-time faculty members to mentor graduate students in the task of theological teaching and scholarly research.

Teaching Assistants receive a stipend of $1,700, which is deposited directly into their student account, half in December and half in March. Students are expected to work an average of six hours per week during the fall and winter semesters (between the beginning of classes and the last day grades are due) and are required to submit a time log, signed by the professor, to the Academic Dean at the end of each semester.

Following consultation with the Academic Dean, faculty members normally select TAs in June for the following academic year. Students may express interest via e-mail to the Academic Dean and individual faculty members.

Normally, Teaching Assistants:

  • are full-time MA or MDiv students based on the Wolfville campus;
  • have achieved a Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.3; and
  • have demonstrated an interest in the professor’s subject area.

Typical duties performed by Teaching Assistants include:

  • grading short answer tests (in courses in which the TA is not enrolled);
  • recording marks;
  • library research in support of the professor’s research or teaching;
  • proofing and index preparation;
  • data entry;
  • delivering one or two class lectures (normally for TAs possessing a graduate theological degree);
  • leading tutorial sessions;
  • invigilating midterm or final exams;
  • preparing electronic course materials;
  • responding to student queries;
  • airport pickups for ADC guests;
  • monitoring online discussion;
  • assisting with logistics at Hayward, ACBAS, and Simpson lectures; and
  • helping coordinate class retreats or special events.